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Rancho Santa Fe Architects

Rancho Santa Fe Architects

Whether you are building a new home from the ground up, remodeling your current one, or spearheading a large commercial, historic or engineering project, you'll find the right architect in Rancho Santa Fe.

We are fortunate to have so many talented architects in our midst with their work on display all around us, throughout San Diego, Southern California, and the United States. Many have been designing and building for 30 years or more and are now mentoring the next generations of local architects, as well as sitting on the boards of community planning associations.

The work of Rancho Santa Fe architects includes projects such as residential homes (detached single-family, attached multi-family, high-rise), commercial and public properties (stores, office buildings, parks, resorts, fitness and recreational centers), institutional buildings (schools, fire stations, hospitals, government facilities), and mixed-use developments combining residential and commercial buildings.

In addition to architectural services, a few of our local architects are also civil engineers and offer engineering services (from surveying and site analysis to construction) for large projects such as seawalls, airports, and public art installations. When you select a local architect for your project, you'll receive expert help during the whole process, which includes an initial evaluation, researching local building and zoning requirements, developing the design and the drawings with your input and that of a contractor, help with obtaining required permits, and managing all phases of construction. To see examples of their outstanding work, you can visit our local architects online.

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Marengo - Morton Architects Inc

Marengo - Morton Architects Inc


7724 Girard AvLa Jolla, CA 92037

Claude Anthony Marengo, DESA; Michael Morton, AIA (Coastal Specialists - Custom Residential & Commercial)

Alcorn & Benton Architects


7757 Girard AvLa Jolla, CA 92037

Architect Tim Wilson


Shapouri & Associates


Calle AmbienteRancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

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