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Rancho Santa Fe Pilates

Rancho Santa Fe Pilates

What began as a single exercise studio in the 1920s in New York City has now expanded to several thousand across the country offering Pilates, a popular total body conditioning program. Fortunately, several of these Pilates studios are in Rancho Santa Fe and nearby communities and are available to share the many benefits of this form of exercise.

Pilates uses resistance training and intense concentration to focus on strengthening the body's core muscles (those located on the torso: stomach, pelvis, back, and neck). This allows us to stand upright, move freely with more stability and balance, develop lean and flexible muscles, and keep aches and pains to a minimum.

The workout was developed by Joseph Pilates (1883 to 1967), who was often sick as a child in Germany and after moving to England, was placed in an internment camp during World War I. While in the camp, he helped himself and others with self defense exercises, bodybuilding, and a system he called "contrology," using bands, springs, and levers he attached to hospital and bunk beds. These later developed into the Pilates routines and apparatus used today, including the Reformer (a moving platform) and the Cadillac (trapeze table).

Pilates sailed to New York City in 1925, meeting his wife on the journey, and together they founded an exercise studio which quickly became popular with dancers and other performers, including George Balanchine and Martha Graham, and which they ran into the 1960s. Pilates emphasized the mind-body connection and taught six core principles: concentration, control, center, flow, precision and breathing.

Since the 1990s, Pilates has become extremely popular and has evolved to include other pieces of equipment and forms of exercise. Rancho Santa Fe pilates studios reflect this variety, with traditional workouts, mat workouts, workouts using weights and balls, routines incorporating yoga (called yogilates), and cycling (called sculpt and cycle), and special routines for athletes, including golfers. A few studios also combine Pilates with pole dancing or stretching at a ballet barre.

Our Rancho Santa Fe Pilates studios make it easy for you to fit workouts into your schedule and budget, with a wide range of highly-qualified teachers, packages, classes, and private or semi-private training sessions. One local Pilates instructor even offers lessons on Skype.

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