Dental Anesthesiology of La Jolla

7509 Draper Av Ste B
La Jolla, CA 92037

About Dental Anesthesiology of La Jolla...

The Only Fully Trained And Licensed Dental Anesthesiologist in La Jolla - Painless & Safe. Epione Dental Anesthesiology was proudly named after Epione, who was a Greek goddess of soothing pain. Epione means "soothing" in Greek. In mythology, her daughters are Panacea, the goddess of medicine, and Hygieia, the goddess of health. They hope to provide everyone with a soothing experience, especially those who are anxious about dental treatment. We believe that everyone deserves access to necessary treatment and that our services can help those who are otherwise unable to receive dental care. Dr. Osmolinski is highly trained in the provision of all levels of anesthesia in dentistry, from light sedation to general anesthesia. She has the expertise needed to provide anesthesia to uncooperative pediatric patients, special needs patients, anxious adult patients, chronically ill and elderly patients. Dr. Osmolinski holds certificates in Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support and Advanced Trauma Life Support. This is a branch of La Jolla Family Dentistry.

Map of Dental Anesthesiology of La Jolla

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